Resin Fiber Discs Aluminium Oxide

Resin Fiber Discs Aluminium Oxide

This product is also called vulcanized fiber paper abrasive disc,abrasive disc,high speed abrasive disc, etc. It is a kind of organic coated. Alit can be used to grind welding seams, debarring,removing rust,removing paint and polishing by installed to electric or pneumatic portalbe angle grinder in the shipbuilding,automoible,bridge..., ti's masimum applicabel line speed is 80m/sec.


GrainAluminium Oxide

Grit RangeP24-P400

Punching Model1 center hole,cross center hole or star(*) center hole or acco-rding to customer's requirement

can be customized according to customer's requirement

Warning:ear, eye, face and body protection