Buffs wheels And Compounds

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                                                        polishing paste/Compounds
                                                   Muslin Buffs
                                                                 Jean Buffs
                                                                       Denim Buffing Wheels
                                                                 Airway Buffs
                                                                      Cotton Pleated Bias Buffs
                                                      Cotton Open Bias Buffs
                                                 Spiral sewn wheels
                                                    Swans Down Buffs
                                                     Sisal Buffs
                                                     Razor-Edge yellow Muslin Buffs
                                                              Oxhide Buffs
                                                  Pole with  Buffs
                                                 shaft mounted buffs taper type
                                                   shaft mounted buffs column type
                                             Mounted Mushroom Buffs